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Location: Marbella, Spain

This is about a friend, who quit his job, packed up his family (wife and two small kids), and moved to a foreign country where he couldn’t speak the language…

… all in the hopes of pursuing the “Internet Dream”. This is a story of how he started.

$200 Per Day?

Sure. It’s actually not that hard to do.

And I can prove it to you … because if I could help my completely clueless friend go from ZERO (and knowing nothing about IM) to this within 7 weeks:

Mark Acutt's Earnings

… then I’m pretty damn sure I can show YOU how to generate $200 PER DAY, within (around) 30 days from now.

Here goes …

This was a little while ago now — November 2007 actually — when I helped this friend of mine to quit his day job, move country, and live the Internet lifestyle in the sun.

Mark Acutt

The kicker was I kinda had a serious challenge on my hands.

You see, my friend Mark (that’s him on the right) knew nothing about making money online.


He Was Absolutely Clueless! … He Might As Well have Come From MARS.


He had never heard of ClickBank or AdWords before (I know — go figure!). Didn’t know what “keywords” were used for. No idea at all.

I’m talkin’ absolutely clueless.

So I sat Mark down. This was on a Thursday night (November 22nd, 2007).

I showed him what I do. I showed him how I set up affiliate campaigns that work like clockwork, day and night.

The only reference he had was watching me do what I do on his computer.

Remember … he had never looked for eBooks on this topic. It didn’t take long. I just showed him the basics and left it at that.

No secrets. No advanced stuff.

November 22 was the first time he had ever seen the inside of ClickBank. He had just signed up as an affiliate.

So Mark did some research (like I showed him how). Wrote a presell letter (the way I showed him to). And then he sent traffic to it with his brand new AdWords account (again, just like I showed him).

No articles. No blogs. No SEO.

… just a basic presell letter and AdWords.

VoilĂ  — Instant Profit!

It wasn’t big money … but it was a net profit from day one.

If I remember correctly — I think he earned a net profit of about $120 on that first night. I can still remember how buzzed he was when we met on Friday morning and he told me how much money he had made.

It was as if he’d just won the National Lottery.

And remember — I had only showed Mark the basic stuff. Nothing advanced. I didn’t want to overwhelm him.

[6 weeks later…]

Mark Acutt's Earnings

Not bad, right?

But what about his ad spend?

Because let’s be honest — Mark was no AdWords expert. He had never read an AdWords guide in his life.

So it would have been totally normal — and understandable — if his ad spend to profit ratio was break-even, right?

You know … spend $100 and earn $100 in commissions.

Or best case scenario … spend $100 to earn back $200 in commissions. That’s not bad for a frontend profit for promoting a product as an affiliate. Most affiliate marketers would kill for that.

Well — on January 13, 2008, Mark had one of his best days ever. He generated $628.78 in ClickBank affiliate commissions:

Mark Acutt's Earnings on January 13, 2008

… and his ad spend on that day?

Mark Acutt's AdWords spend on January 13, 2008

Yup. Just $97.47. That’s it.

275 clicks @ $0.35 a pop … generating 19 sales.

That was Mark’s first $500 net day ($531.31 actually).

Not bad seen he had only been making money online for less then 7 weeks. That’s an ROI of 645%.

But enough about Mark.

I’ve only mentioned him to establish a reference point. To demonstrate that it’s totally possible to earn GOOD MONEY even if you’re a total newbie.

If Mark could get to $500 PER DAY (profit) in such a short time — then surely it’s possible for you to do something similar.

But, for now … forget about $500 per day goals. I’m going to show you how to earn $200 PER DAY WITHIN 30 DAYS FROM NOW.

… if you follow what I say.

I figure if you can do that — then scaling to $300 per day … then $500 per day … and even then to $1,000 per day — is just a matter of rinsing and repeating.


Now … Mark did all of this back in early 2008. I originally wrote this letter a few months after that.

But it’s 2016 now. A lifetime later (in internet years).

A LOT has changed since then.

AdWords especially. They’ve banned (as in — “you can NEVER use our ad system ever again”) hundreds of thousands of accounts. They aren’t fans of affiliate marketers, apparently.

So what I told Mark back then, will not work the SAME WAY today. I’ve made some “tweaks” to my system since then.

But probably the biggest change between 2008 and now, is the competition.

Every Tom, Dick and Harry wants to make money online. The competition is dog-eat-dog. Make no mistake of that. 99.9% of wannabe marketers get eaten alive!

But I approach affiliate marketing completely differently from everyone else. Like 180 degrees opposite.

As I write this it’s Wednesday, July 24, 2013. Here are the stats from Monday and Tuesday from a little campaign (weight loss market) I’m running using my system:

ClickBank: July 22/23 2013

Facebook: July 22/23 2013

(Click the image above to zoom in.)

Ad Spend: $120
Sales: $869.07
ROI: 724.23% ROI


I’ll explain to you how to render the dog-eat-dog competition, totally irrelevant. But it’s not something I want to reveal here, on a public site.

What’s more, I have another real case study for you. This one is recent. It’s of another student, Ben, applying my system now. And how he generated $982.81 profit in just 4 days.

Go here to now to see the case study of Ben:

… and then opt-in if you want to see how I go about rendering todays dog-eat-dog competition, totally irrelevant :)

— AndrĂ© Chaperon

Andre Chaperon


Mark is still a full-time marketer living in southern Spain. He’s just earning even more now.